Investing in the musical life and legacy of Philadelphia

Why Support the Society

Mark Huxsoll

Dear Friends:

Another year of great music begins. We are so fortunate to live in Philadelphia and have such a wide range of excellent musical offerings available on a daily basis.

The Musical Fund Society has played a major role in the richness of Philadelphia life throughout the past 197 years, and continues to do so today through grants to the projects of organization, to presenting the MFS concert series at the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, to advancing the careers of the next generation of concert artists.

Not the least of all, MFS brings you together with like-minded music lovers and supporters from the region. With that in mind, your to help is needed to drive a robust present and guarantee the future of the Musical Fund Society by your annual support.

Looking toward our bicentennial celebrations for 2020, we plan a major commission along with continuing the good work we do with so many Philadelphia institutions and supporting the career advancement of deserving young performers.

Your tax-deductible gift to the Musical Fund Society Foundation can make that difference.

Reaching our goal of $15,000 this year provides us with the means to keep these organizations vital. Please join me by sending your contribution to the Musical Fund Society Foundation today. We enclose an envelope for your convenience. Or you may safely pay online.

Please take the time—now—to contribute to the musical life of Philadelphia. By sending any amount you can, you proclaim that an outreach of music here is an important part of our culture itself, an announcement you and I cannot repeat often enough.

With my thanks, and best wishes for this upcoming season,




Mark F. Huxsoll
President, Musical Fund Society Foundation

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