Investing in the musical life and legacy of Philadelphia

Institutional Grants

The Musical Fund Society makes limited funds available to incorporated, non-profit classical music organizations for projects which advance the goals of the Society: the cultivation of skill and diffusion of taste in music.

The Society will not fund the general operation of an organization, nor will it fund non-production related expenses such as receptions and social events. The Society will fund only specific projects. If the applying organization sponsors many events within a given year, please state the exact project for which funds are being requested.

The Society will consider supporting projects in the Philadelphia area that focus on:

  • new music, with an emphasis on Philadelphia-area composers and their works
  • innovative programs
  • development of new audiences
  • music education (specifically, music programs; not scholarships)
  • recording projects involving new compositions performed by local artists

While the aggregate funds available for distribution from the Society are modest, it is the hope of the Society that its grant will play a significant role in the funded project. Grants in the range of $2,000 to $6,000 per year should be an important, but not the sole, source of funding. Applications containing grant requests that are the sole source of funding will be rejected.

Among the criteria upon which the decision will be based are:

  1. Artistic excellence
  2. The project’s relevance to the mission of the applicant organization
  3. The organization’s capacity to complete the project

Multiple-year grant applications will be considered. Multiple-year grant applications should include a specific chronology of events to occur during the multiple-year timeframe, and should not be a generic application to continue the same event from one year to the next. An organization that receives a multiple-year grant should not expect further funding for the same project from the Society in the year following completion of the grant.

Applicant organizations whose staff or board includes current Society members are eligible to apply for and receive grants.

The Musical Fund Society requires that all grantees submit a final report after the completion of the funded project. Consideration of future proposals is contingent upon compliance with this reporting requirement.


Applications for FY 2021 grants must be submitted no later than 4:00 PM on March 1, 2020.