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Institutional Grants FAQs


1. How many applications does MFS fund every year?

The number of projects funded varies each year, depending on the number of applications received, the specifics of the projects applied for, and the amount of money available for grants in a given cycle. Not all applications will be funded.

2. Do you require work samples or site visits?

The MFS grant application does not request work samples and does not include a site visit in its grant process. Please see the MFS Institutional Grants page on our website to review the current grant requirements.

3. Will you look at anything besides what we submit in the application?

The MFS grant application asks for information regarding your organization and your project, including questions about the project’s budget and your organizational finances. All questions must be answered, and submitted via the grant application page. Please note that most questions have a word limit and/or a file size limit; we prefer that you not include hyperlinks to other material.


1. Do we have to have an MFS member on our board or staff in order to receive a grant?

No, MFS membership is not a requirement of the grant, nor is it considered in grant evaluations.

2. I want to apply for an individual project – can I do that?

Individuals are not eligible to apply for MFS Institutional grants.

3. Does my organization have to be a nonprofit in order to apply?

Yes. Only nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status, or organizations applying through a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, are eligible to apply.

4. My organization is based in Wilmington, but our project takes place in Center City Philadelphia. Can I apply?

No; only organizations whose legal place of business is in Pennsylvania, within the 5-county region (Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties) are eligible to apply. Please also note that a majority of the proposed project activities must take place within the city of Philadelphia.

5. I’m still not sure if my project is what you’re looking for. Should I apply anyway?

Before applying, please review the MFS Institutional Grants page, the MFS Institutional Grants FAQs, and the descriptions of recently funded projects (see the sidebar menu here).   If you’re still not sure, please contact us at We can talk about what you’re planning and whether an application is appropriate.

Applying for a grant:

1. What if I want to add something to my application after the deadline?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to accept or consider any material after the deadline (for the current cycle, the deadline is 5 PM ET on March 1, 2024).

2. Can I save my application in your system and finish it later?

It’s not possible to begin an application in the system and save it for later completion. Please prepare all the required documents outside of the application page, so that everything is ready to upload for submission in one visit. Additionally, please be sure to clearly label PDF attachments as requested (for example, IRS Determination Letter). Note that the online application will not permit a submission unless all required documents have been uploaded.

3. I already submitted my application, but now I’d like to change something. Is that possible?

It may be possible, but only in very limited circumstances – you will need to contact us at to discuss. No changes are allowed after the deadline has passed.

4. I’m still waiting for some information that I want to include in my application – can I submit what I have now, and send the rest when I have it?

We’re only able to accept complete applications, so please wait to submit until you have everything ready for submission. Keep in mind that all material must be submitted via the application portal, by the deadline (for the current cycle, the deadline is 5 PM ET on March 1, 2024).

5. How much can I ask for in my grant request?

MFS grants are typically modest in size, usually ranging from about $1000 – $6000; the amount depends on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) the number of applications and the funds available in a given grant cycle.

Remember that your requested grant amount must fall within 10%-50% of the project budget.

After you’ve applied:

1. I’ve submitted my application. How do I know you received it?

You should receive an email that your application was received at the time of your submission. If you don’t receive the confirmation email, please contact us as soon as possible at

Please note that it’s your responsibility to ensure that your application is complete before you submit it – we’re not able to notify you if something is missing.

2. When will I hear if my application was funded?

Award notifications are typically sent out in the late spring or early summer; funds are usually disbursed over the summer.

3. If I receive a grant, when will I need to file a final report?

Information about final reports, including deadlines, will be included in the grant award materials.  Please note that all MFS grants require a final report detailing the activities of the project and specifics of how the MFS grant money was expended. Reports must be received by the deadline included in the grant award materials; organizations not complying with reporting requirements will not be eligible for future funding.

I still have questions about applying for an MFS Institutional Grant. What should I do?

Send us an email and we will get back to you with an answer, or we’ll schedule a time to talk.

Contact us at: