Investing in the musical life and legacy of Philadelphia


The Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia, established in 1820, is the oldest continuing musical organization in the United States.

Like other organizations founded on its model in Boston and elsewhere, the Musical Fund Society was organized to promote music performance and to aid needy musicians. It continues to play an active role in the career advancement of exceptional performing musicians and composers, and sponsors the Musical Fund Society Career Advancement Award. The Society’s membership represents an unusual cross-section of the Philadelphia community that includes professional and amateur musicians.

The Mission of the Society, is to invest in the cultural life and musical legacy of the Philadelphia region by supporting local music institutions, advancing the careers of exceptional young artists, and building community around classical music.

Why Join us as a Member?

Philadelphia is the most historical city in America. This legacy expresses itself in the buildings and events that we celebrate as a nation, but in our cultural life as well. When you become a member of the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia, you become a part of history. The Society has witnessed, and more importantly, actively participated in and encouraged the development of many of our most important musical institutions, including the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Our membership includes highly regarded performers, composers and educators, but also many in the larger public who simply love the art form and want to support it as a part of the larger community. Your membership in the Society also validates your commitment to the continuing vitality of musical Philadelphia, as we continue to offer support to the rich array of educational and performance organizations through our grant giving, our career advancement awards, and our world class series of chamber concerts presented in collaboration with the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society.

How to Join