Investing in the musical life and legacy of Philadelphia

Member Spotlight: Kimberly Yocum

June 27, 2024

About Kimberly: When I am out at cultural events, I am often approached with “you look familiar.” There are so many music-adjacent places where I could have been spotted:  I worked at the Tower Records classical annex for more than five years, sold tickets at the box office for Astral for nearly five years, ran the box office for Piffaro, The Renaissance Band for more than twenty years! (I now serve on Piffaro’s Board of Directors.) I frequently attend performances and have had subscriptions to the Pennsylvania Ballet, Arden Theatre, Tempesta di Mare, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, The Philadelphia Orchestra and Piffaro. Twice a week I meet with other recorder players and read consort music just for fun. I was also a music teacher for The School District of Philadelphia for 22 years. Living in Philly is awesome for experiencing live music!

Why MFS is important to Kimberly: The Musical Fund Society is such a fascinating institution with great historical roots. The support of diverse musicians in our city’s musical landscape is so vital. I love seeing evolving artists and smaller ensembles getting the publicity and “credibility” that MFS provides. I am thrilled to see some real growth within the Society with a view to what “Western Art Music” means in 2024 and beyond. The history of MFS is a great foundation, but looking forward is so essential to the arts!